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Discord is a multimedia realtime chat web service and application for desktop and mobile. It is comparable to Slack, with one major difference being that users identify against a central server rather than individual servers. This allows for user interaction (DMs) outside of the context of a particular server, and also discovery of what servers and friends you share with others.

Especially Useful Pages: [101] - [formatting]

All Pages

  • /alternatives
  • /API: writing software to interact with Discord
  • /bots: there are a lot of bots available for extending Discord functionality
  • /how to/crown: a beginner's guide to giving someone else admin powers on your Discord server
  • /formatting: how to do various types of text-formatting when writing in Discord (it's similar to Markdown)
  • /links: external information (official & not)
  • /logging
  • /notes: loose notes to be turned into proper documentation