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Discord text formatting

Text formatting is similar to a subset of Markdown, although there are differences:

  • bold is **two asterisks**
  • italic is *one asterisk* or _one underscore_
    • They are rendered exactly the same (using <em>) but parsed differently: "a*b*c" becomes abc but a_b_c is left unformatted.
  • underline is __two underscores__
  • strike is ~~two tildes~~
  • code (fixed-pitch inline unformatted text) is `backticks`
    • You can use this format to paste URLs without them becoming links or displaying a preview.
    • To display a link but no preview, surround the URL with angle brackets: <https://htyp.org>. The angle brackets will not be displayed, and preview will be suppressed.
      • Note: Discord's settings refer to the preview as an "embedded link". Previews of links pasted into a discussion can be turned off by revoking this privilege.
  • multiple lines of code can be started with three backticks at the beginning of a line:
code lines
code lines
  • the initial backticks can have a language designator afterwards, for syntax highlighting:
php code...
  • > (right-angle plus a space) will cause the following paragraph to be indented with a vertical bar
  • spoiler text is ||two pipes||: this causes the text to be obscured until clicked on (similar to this but requiring a click rather than mouse-hover)

To display characters that would otherwise be treated as formatting, escape them with a backslash:

  • \* will display as *
  • \_ will display as _
  • This does not seem to work with backticks (`), however.
  • >>> escapes emoji (haven't had time to explore in order to describe it precisely)