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Samba is open-source server software which allows "Network Neighborhood"-style communication between Microsoft Windows and other operating systems such as Linux. It is named after the SMB protocol, which is what Windows uses for "Network Neighborhood" communication.



as explained by user adaptr on #samba on freenode:

Each machine that participates in a netbios/smb network (or workgroup) is both client and server - it takes services and advertises them. Any machine at least advertises the MACHINE service – just its own netbios machine name with a specific SMB service type – so even if it's only trying to browse or auth to an SMB server, that client offers its own service data to what is known as the master browser.

user kukks adds:

To get more debug info from the cifs kernel module, use the following as root:

echo 7 > /proc/fs/cifs/cifsFYI

This will instruct cifs vfs to write more debug stuff to the kernel log.

can't browse into folders

The following lines in smb.conf fix a common problem where you can see folders underneath a share but can't browse into them (this may only be a problem if they are symbolic links):

# 2010-04-20 makes wide links work again
 # allows samba to show/include symbolic-linked folders and files:
 follow symlinks = yes
 # allows links to targets not within the shared folder
 wide links = yes
 # disable option incompatible with wide links
 unix extensions  = no

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