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Debug connection/access issues

Samba maintains activity logs in /var/log/samba/. There seem to be two logs, log.nmbd and log.smbd; log.smbd generally has information about connections and access, while log.nmbd has more to to with network-name resolution. The nature of the log files is configurable somewhat through smb.conf (see log level, among others). Use tail -f /var/log/samba/log.smbd (for example) to monitor a logfile in real-time.

Mount Remote Samba Shares on Local Filesystem

Where the share to be mounted is "//beaker/My Documents", and assuming beaker is a Win98 machine using share-mode security with no password:

  • Short version --
mount -t cifs //BEAKER/MY\ DOCUMENTS /mnt/machines/beaker/My\ Documents -o sec=lanman,servername=BEAKER
  • Long version, which will let you know if mount.cifs is not installed:
mount.cifs //beaker/MY\ DOCUMENTS /mnt/machines/beaker/My\ Documents --verbose -o sec=lanman,servername=BEAKER,guest