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VbzCart is free/open-source software for running an online retail operation.

  • /install has deployment instructions
  • /status critical pieces still need to be (re)written, though most of it is working well (2017-06-25)


The immediate purpose is to handle the more data-intensive aspects of managing a small online retail operation that offers a wide variety of products in a wide variety of choices. This includes tracking orders, tracking packages sent to fill those orders, stock and inventory, which items need to be reordered from suppliers, what is currently expected from suppliers, what suppliers have sent in the past, etc.

Once that is up and running, I'll begin work on additional functionality:

  • "marketplace" ability -- 3rd parties can sell their items through the same site, and VbzCart will provide most of the same functionality to them
  • distributed catalog search and other federated retail functionality