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Prerequisites: Linux, PHP 7, MySQL-workalike, Apache.

This page will eventually need to include a lot more information, but for now the basic setup procedure is:

  • Clone the VbzCart Git repository at [git@gitlab.com:woozalia/VbzCart.git into a folder of your choice, which we'll call <vbz-base>.
  • Copy the <vbz-base>/config folder to a location outside of <vbz-base>.
    • We'll call this new location <local-config>.
    • My standard location for this is /home/vbz/site/config/vbzcart
  • Rename the <local-config>/examples folder to <local-config>/local.
  • Modify each file to match your local environment, according to instructions in each file.
  • Optional: modify files in <local-config>/portable as needed.
  • Install Ferreteria
  • Set up database and tables (instructions to be written)
  • Link or copy the <local-config>/portable/index.php file to your public web folder.
  • Link or copy the <vbz-base>/static folder to your public web folder.
  • Create the public web ufiles folder

Woozle's setup

Some specifics of how I usually set things up these days, giving examples from the dev instance I'm setting up as I type this (see User:Woozle/setups/vdomain for definitions):


You'll need to have <$USER>'s account set up with an ssh key that can access GitLab. At least, I think that's the requirement. It might be more GitLab-project-specific.


1. Install Ferreteria (you can actually do this at any point, but it may be easier to do it first).

2. Run these commands in a terminal on your web server (you can skip mkdir wherever the folder already exists):

  • cd <$HOME>
  • su <$USER>
  • mkdir site
  • cd site
  • mkdir git
  • git clone git@gitlab.com:woozalia/VbzCart.git
  • cd ..
  • mkdir config
  • cd config
  • cp -R ../git/VbzCart/config vbzcart
  • mv vbzcart/examples vbzcart/local
  • ln -rs vbzcart/local/index.php ~/public_html/
  • ln -rs vbzcart/portable/.htaccess ~/public_html/
  • cd ..
  • ln -rs git/VbzCart/static ~/public_html/static
  • mkdir ufiles
  • cd ufiles
  • mkdir pub
  • ln -rs pub ~/public_html/ufiles

3. Modify the files in vbzcart/local as needed to match your local environment. (If you use the same structure I'm using here, index.php will not need modification.) This will require having a database set up so you can get the appropriate connection credentials to put in creds.php.

At this point, I think you should be able to point a browser at the domain and get something, even if it's only errors that you'll need to look at in order to figure out what's left to configure.

4. If you haven't already, make a dropins folder under site. Link or copy all the dropins you want to use from VbzCart into that folder.