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This is an index of obsolete pages relating to VbzCart, retained for historical purposes.

  • /code: using MediaWiki as a sort of code repository and version control system
  • /catalog building 2006
  • /stored procedures: ended up not using these because they can't report back in detail
  • /tables
  • At one time, I was going to write a user administration system for VbzCart, but later decided it was easier just to use MediaWiki's (possibly the code could be adapted to use other CMSs as well) for administration of privileged users. The HyperAdmin page on the HypertWiki contains my notes towards creating that system. Elements of HyperAdmin were used in the standalone store's session management system.
    • 2016 update: The aforementioned user administration system did ultimately get written in 2014-2015, and became a key part of Ferreteria.

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