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MediaWiki is the software used for this wiki, and seems to be the most mature (and most rapidly developing) wiki software available.


  • extensions
  • skins
  • files: pages about important files in the MediaWiki distribution
  • archive: pages that might have once been useful but are now mostly (or entirely) obsolete

need review / likely obsolete



MediaWiki docs



  • Programming Notes from one developer who was doing some relatively simple modifications to MediaWiki; describes where a lot of the basic nuts and bolts are.



Wish List

  • RSS/Atom feeds for:
    • Specific pages only
    • Watched pages only
    • Other users' contributions only (maybe the ability to select which users to include, with "[x]new users" being an option -- then you'd check everyone except yourself, and new users would automatically get added to the list)
    ...and are there feed readers out there which can do this kind of filtering on their own, perhaps? They seem to be the exception, rather than the rule, and anyway as long as the feed itself contains Every Change To The Site, I can't use it as a source for a public aggregator page (e.g. the one at SluggySquad). Seems like filter parameters should be part of the URL, even, though I doubt that's the case.
  • subwikis