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Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension for MediaWiki that provides semantic markup capability.

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As the SMW code API is not yet stable or well-documented, it appears that going directly to the database may be the best way to utilize SMW data.

parser functions

SMW also uses a few standard-form parser functions:


Notes on code, as I figure it out:


  • For MediaWiki deployments where initial characters in article titles are not automatically capitalized (the default is to capitalize them):
    • In #ask queries, the word "Category" is case-sensitive; [[category:...]] will not work.
  • Special properties are also case-sensitive: e.g. [[Has type:string]] correctly references the special "Has type" property, but [[has type::string]] refers only to a non-special "has type" property.


SMW introduces a new syntactical structure of the form [[property name::property value]], which may optionally be written with a display parameter: [[property name::property value|display text]]. Both of these formats cause the current page to be assigned the value property name with the value property value. The same value can be assigned to several properties with this syntax: [[property1 name::property2 name::value for both]].

To set a property without displaying anything, there are two alternative forms:

  • [[property name::property value| ]]
    • In this form, the space between the "|" and "]]" is required)
  • {{#set:property name=property value}}
    • This form allows brackets ("[" and "]") to be used in the property value; the other form does not.