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I'm presuming that there was a schema version 1 based on the naming of the version 2 tables (they all end in '2'), but this may be incorrect. In any case, schema version 2 corresponds approximately to SMW v1.x, and schema version 3 to SMW 2.x (and some high-numbered 1.x beta releases).

schema version 3

These are present in SMW version 1.9 alpha:

schema version 2

These were present in SMW version 1.7, and may also be valid for 1.8 (but not 1.9):

  • /smw_atts2: relationships where the value is numerically/logically significant, or a "string" (non-page type)
  • /smw_conc2: not sure; probably concepts
  • /smw_conccache: not sure; presumably a cache for concepts
  • /smw_ids: assigns IDs to all properties, and values that map to a (potential) wiki page
  • /smw_inst2: not sure
  • /smw_redi2: not sure; redirects?
  • /smw_rels2: relationships where the value refers to a (potential) wiki page
  • /smw_spec2: URLs to SWiVT specs
  • /smw_subp2: not sure; sub-property map?
  • /smw_subs2: not sure; looks like a mapping of categories to sub-categories
  • /smw_text2: relationships where the value is a long text/data blob

Core tables are boldfaced; the others seem to be primarily for optimization or auxiliary purposes.


  • Semantic relationships are defined in /smw rels2, /smw_text2, and /smw_atts2.
  • Correspondence between SMW entities (property names and some property values) and MediaWiki pages is defined in /smw_ids
  • Presumably the type of storage can be determined by looking up the SMW ID in /smw_spec2, making it unnecessary to check multiple tables (rels2, text2, atts2) for each property. but it does not seem to have been designed for this purpose.