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property embedding

SMW introduces a new syntactical structure of the form [[property name::property value]], which may optionally be written with a display parameter: [[property name::property value|display text]]. Both of these formats cause the current page to be assigned the value <property name> with the value <property value>. The same value can be assigned to several properties with this syntax: [[property1 name::property2 name::value for both]].

To set a property without displaying anything, there are two alternative forms:

  • [[property name::property value| ]]
    • In this form, the space between the "|" and "]]" is required)
  • {{#set:property name=property value}}
    • This form allows brackets ("[" and "]") to be used in the property value; the other form does not.

parser functions

SMW also uses a few standard-form parser functions:

See Displaying_information#Display_format for at least some information about formatting values.



  • For MediaWiki deployments where initial characters in article titles are not automatically capitalized (the default is to capitalize them):
    • In #ask queries, the word "Category" is case-sensitive; [[category:...]] will not work.
  • Special properties are also case-sensitive: e.g. [[Has type:string]] correctly references the special "Has type" property, but [[has type::string]] refers only to a non-special "has type" property.