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At the time of writing (2010), I was unable to find any instructions online for disassembly. The NV54 has at least two ribbon cable connectors (indicator panel and touchpad) which seem to have been designed to require use of a special tool. It is possible to put them back together using regular tools and sticky tape such that the indicators and touchpad will work, but it's not clear how reliable this is.

Additionally, after two seemingly-successful repair attempts on this unit, the power supply seemed to develop further problems such that power was no longer being received by the laptop circuitry even though there was power at the adapter socket on the system board. There may have been a hairline fracture somewhere close to the socket.

  • /reassembly: sequence of actions for reassembling (compiled from multiple false starts -- see /notes)
  • /notes taken as I disassembled a unit with a broken power jack
  • /disassembly: a work in progress, based on taking the same unit apart again