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These steps have not been tested in this order. --Woozle 00:52, 16 October 2010 (UTC)

  1. Turn unit over so you are looking at the underside.
  2. Remove all screws from underside of case. Two of them are inside the battery compartment, so you need to open that and remove the battery too.
    • Three of them hold the indicator panel in place -- you can see the sockets in the detached panel here.
    • Several more hold the Z-shaped lid which covers the hard drive, WLAN card, and RAM areas. Some of these screws will stay nicely with the lid, while others are loose.
  3. Remove black-and-white wire pair from WLAN card.
  4. Remove one screw from the WLAN card (this screw is smaller/shorter than the others).
  5. Turn the unit back over so you are looking at the top.
  6. Remove the indicator panel -- if it won't pop out with finger pressure, a thin slotted screwdriver will help get it started.
  7. Keyboard pops out -- pull it towards the display. Be careful with the ribbon cable, which you may or may not be able to reseat properly.
  8. Remove all display cables.
  9. Remove 2 screws from where the display hinges attach to the base.
  10. Remove the display now and set it aside.
  11. There may be one more screw inside the keyboard pan, at the top right, barely visible in this photo just above and to the left of the hole where black-and-white wire pair emerges (near top right of keyboard pan).
  12. Disconnect the speaker connector wire -- black and white wires and white connector visible through a rectangular opening in the top left of the keyboard pan.
  13. The keyboard pan should be removable at this point. What seems to work is starting with the flimsy grey part behind where the display attaches, and then working around.
  14. Remove screw at top left of system board (it has an arrow pointing at it).
  15. Disengage the CD drive from the system board by carefully tugging it to the right (it should come out through the external case opening).
  16. The system board should now be detachable. It may help to push in on the device sockets on the left side to free that edge of the board.


Case appears to have been assembled or manufactured by Foxconn.