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This page is about web applications which provide a user interface to one or more email service providers.

Comparison Matrix

Package Type Strengths Weaknesses
Feng Office groupware
  • desktop-like interface
  • tags & workspaces (like folders)
  • no message import
  • IMAP handling awkward
  • no standard folders
Group-Office groupware
  • desktop-like interface
  • folders
  • IMAP only (but automatically shows all folders)
Horde Groupware groupware
  • standard folders
  • difficult to install/configure
  • not yet fully compatible with PHP 5.3.x
  • very slow (1.6 GHz server, 2 GB RAM)
phpGroupWare groupware
  • standard folders
  • can't seem to create "extra" accounts
Roundcube webmail
  • standard folders

SquirrelMail email only
  • has standard folders
  • standard HTML
  • one POP/IMAP account per user
  • terminal-based setup
TikiWiki groupware + wiki
  • no folders