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  • Installing Horde Framework 5 is an official guide to downloading and installing Horde, but is rather vague about what to do once you've got the web UI working
  • HowTo:Horde is an unofficial guide to downloading and installing Horde, including what to do once you get to the initial admin config page

The basic process seems to be:

  • Install the necessary dependencies and files.
    • This can be done directly via any of several methods (see above pages), or via package.
  • Copy $horde/admin/conf.php.dist to $horde/admin/conf.php
  • Access the web interface to set up the database connection(s).
    • Finding this was a little tricky, but basically: try to save the current configuration, and it will complain about the database not being configured.
  • Run php /usr/bin/horde-db-migrate to create the necessary tables in the database.
    • There's probably a way to do this from the web UI...

When you generate config files, it will complain that it can't write to the various config folders. You can either chown them to the Apache user (which makes it easier to change then via the web but is probably bad security practice) or you can manually copy/paste the code it will offer you via other means.


Things we still don't know include:

  • how to turn on the full stack trace (so you can see where exceptions are being thrown)
  • where Horde logs its errors
  • the filespec of the file in which the Horde_Registry class is defined
  • the filespec of the file in which the text "This system is currently deactivated." is found


A fatal error has occurred This system is currently deactivated. Details have been logged for the administrator.

A web page containing only that error message apparently indicates that the file $horde/admin/conf.php.dist needs to be copied (see Installation above). Further editing is not usually needed. Apparently this is a standard part of the setup process, and is not handled by any of the automated setup routines.