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A transgender person is someone whose gender identity differs from their assigned gender. The word "transgender" can also be used with reference to community (e.g. the transgender community globally or in a given area) or with regard to various services used specifically by transgender people.

Transgender is often abbreviated as "TG" or shortened to "trans".


The quality of being transgender (i.e. the noun form of "transgender") is sometimes referred to as "transgenderism", but this has been problematic in that it "sounds like" a religion or ideology rather than a condition – which, unfortunately, plays into the hands of hatemongers who would like people to believe that it is in fact a choice. Some alternate words which so far have met with approval by members of the trans community include:

  • transgendency
  • transgend[e]rity
  • transgenderosity, transgenderocity
  • transgenderness, transness
  • adjectives:
    • transgendrous

(Note for eventual genderfluid article: "ambigendrous" as a synonym?)


There is some ambiguity about whether "SRS" refers to a specific type of procedure or any surgery intended to alleviate gender dysphoria. Tentatively, it's the latter, while GRS (genital reconstruction surgery) is specifically "lower" surgery in both FtM and MtF patients. This area of HTYP needs to be updated to reflect these definitions.

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  • Trans is a 2012 documentary about being transgender.
  • A transsexual is someone who has transitioned between genders.





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