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Science fiction, also called "speculative fiction" and generally abbreviated SF (or SF/F to include "/Fantasy"), is a form of literature which is difficult to define but which generally deals with changes in society, prototypically due to technological change but often looking at alternate histories, social trends in the present carried to their logical outcome, and other "what if" scenarios.

SF often deals with the subject of futurism.




In recent years, many SF conventions have included a strong graphic literature (comics) element; some SF authors have also become involved in this field.


  • 2008-01-02 How Humanity Will Survive (move this to futurism, if the link doesn't expire; also maybe an Issuepedia article on threats to life on Earth, human survival) "Unless you can avoid a newspaper in 2008, expect to be reading a lot about human extinction. In June arrives the hundredth anniversary of the Tunguska impact, which leveled 800 square miles of Siberia. By happenstance, a rock of similar size may smash into Mars on Jan. 30, affording scientists a close-up view of a planetary disaster." SF has dealt extensively with the issues discussed in this article; also the illustration is from early 20th-century SF.
  • 2007-05-29 Sci-fi writers join war on terror (see also issuepedia:War on Terror)


  • Red Galaxy: world-building wiki created specifically for the "Founder's Canon" universe but implies that it is friendly towards hosting other fictional universes

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