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  • Flawed as it is, BASIC remains the classic "language for teaching programming" (especially for kids); several free, full-featured versions are now available (some with source code).


There is a need for a programming language and environment that is suitable for teaching beginners – including children – to program.

Some key features:

  • (Ideally) Available pre-installed on all popular OSs; next-best would be availability for free on the internet, in versions pre-compiled for all popular OSs
  • BASIC-like in certain ways:
    • must have an "interactive" mode, where you type a line and the computer immediately executes your instructions
    • must have simple graphics ability readily available (where "readily" can be defined as "you can plot a pixel in a single line of code, where lines which include external libraries count as additional lines of code")
    • simple, non-picky syntax (syntax error messages should be informative and on-target, to reduce the learning curve)

This need has been brought up in different contexts and discussed a fair amount; for now, I'm just going to post some links. --Woozle 21:27, 14 September 2006 (EDT)

See also Wikipedia's Educational Programming Languages page, which has a few more choices than mentioned below.


  • QuiteBasic: BASIC on the web; created in response to David Brin's "Why Johnny Can't Code" article
  • Hackety Hack: tutorial aimed at 13 and up, teaches how to write your own blog software in a handful of minutes

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