VbzCart/v1/class/vcPageContent ckout/DoPage

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2019-05-05 Revised order of events:

  • PHASE I: receive
    • detect submitted page - $this->GetPageKey_forData();
    • load controls to receive that
    • receive form data
    • save form data
      • save back to blob -- the Cart should save the blob field on return
  • PHASE II: display
    • determine page to show - $this->HandlePageRequest();
      • calculate if requested page should be displayed (if any required fields are missing, can't advance)
    • load controls to display that
    • load any saved values from blob
    • DON'T display the page because that is handled by the vcPageContent_ckout::Render() event.

Old notes:


  • 2019-05-22 This has been renamed to DoPage() and substantially rewritten; other related objects gutted
  • 2019-05-05 Order of events revised
  • 2019-04-27 old notes archived



      PURPOSE: core form processing & page rendering
	* dispatches to ParseInput_Login() & HandleInput_Login() to render/handle login controls
	* logs a Cart event to record which page was displayed
	* sets PageKey_forShow()
	* dispatches to RenderPage() to render the page
	  * ParseInput_Login() and HandleInput_Login() were defined in files which have now
	    been removed from VbzCart. This *should* now be handled automatically by Ferreteria
	    if the right page component class is used.
	  * Also, PageKey_forShow_default() no longer exists; I'm going to assume
	    that we can just use PageKey_forShow().
      TODO: Consider whether maybe this functionality should be moved into $oContent.
    protected function ProcessPage() {
	$gotPgDest = FALSE;
	$gotPgSrce = FALSE;
	// 2019-04-28 Should this bit be moved into HandlePageRequest()?
	$sKey = fcHTTP::Request()->GetString(KSQ_ARG_PAGE_DEST);
	if (is_null($sKey)) {
	} else {
	    $gotPgDest = TRUE;
	// [end of "this bit"]

	// get actual page to display
	$sShow = $this->GetPageKey_forShow();
	$arEv = array(
	  fcrEvent::KF_CODE		=> 'PG-IN',
	  fcrEvent::KF_DESCR_FINISH	=> 'showing page "'.$sShow.'"',
	  fcrEvent::KF_WHERE		=> 'HandleInput()',
	  ); */
	$rcCart = $this->GetCartRecord_ifWriteable();
	if (is_null($rcCart)) {
	    $sMsg = fcApp::Me()->MessagesString();
	    $wpCart = vcGlobals::Me()->GetWebPath_forCartPage();
	    if (is_null($sMsg)) {
		// 2016-04-24 This can happen when browser fingerprint changes.
		//throw new exception('In checkout with no current cart set, but there are no error messages.');
		$sMsg = "You don't seem to have a shopping cart yet, so you can't check out. If you had one before, your IP address or browser version may have changed.";
	    } else {
	//$rcEv = $rcCart->CreateEvent($arEv);
	$rcEv = $rcCart->CreateEvent('PG-IN',"showing page '$sShow'");	// 2018-07-22 can add array (3rd arg) with additional info if needed
	$this->doBackBtn = TRUE;
	$this->doRefrBtn = FALSE;


	// controls need to get added by this point
	echo 'RECEIVING FORM IN ['.$this->GetName().']<br>';
	$oRes = $this->GetFormObject()->Receive($_POST);	// returns fcFormResult