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  • Purpose: Stores requested restock contents by item; planned distribution to customers is in rstk_ord_line
  • Future: Rename QtyOrd field to QtyReq (quantity requested).
  • History:
    • 2008-11-07 Created for new restock process
    • 2008-12-04 Added QtyCust field to make it easier to tell how much immediate revenue a restock is likely to generate
    • 2014-12-14 Changed isGone from BOOL (which apparently equates to TINYINT) to BIT.
    • 2016-01-07 Changed ID_Restock to ID_Parent
    • 2019-12-28 changed ENGINE from MyISAM to InnoDB
  • Notes:


CREATE TABLE `rstk_req_item` (
   `ID_Parent`   INT COMMENT "rstk_req.ID of request to which this item belongs",
   `ID_Item`     INT COMMENT "cat_items.ID of item being restocked",
   `Descr`       VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "Item description as given at time of shopping",
/* timestamps */
   `WhenCreated` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when this line was added",
   `WhenVoided`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when this line was voided; not NULL = ignore this line",
/* quantities - data from creation of restock */
   `QtyNeed`     INT COMMENT "quantity needed, either for an order or to keep stock at desired level",
   `QtyCust`     INT COMMENT "quantity needed just to fill customer orders",
   `QtyOrd`      INT COMMENT "quantity actually ordered from supplier",
   `QtyExp`      INT COMMENT "quantity actually expected, if supplier doesn't have enough available to fill the order",
   `isGone`      BIT COMMENT "YES = item discontinued, no more available (if info from source other than invoice)",
/* cost information */
   `CostExpPer`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "expected per-item cost",
   `Notes`       VARCHAR(255) COMMENT "human-entered notes on this line item",
   PRIMARY KEY(`ID_Restock`,`ID_Item`)