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  • Obsolete: use VCT_RstkReqItems::SQLobj_Items_active() or ::SQLstr_Items_active() instead
  • Returns: Data about items which are in active restocks, i.e. on restock orders but not yet received (or cancelled).
  • Requires: rstk_req_item, qryRstks_active
  • Used by: qryRstkItms_expected
  • Note: This is different from qryRstkLines_en_route (deprecated):
    • Grouped by Item instead of Restock Line
    • Uses new Restock tables
  • History:
    • 2008-11-18 Created for new restock process
    • 2010-01-04 now allowing QtyExp to override QtyOrd; resulting field renamed from QtyOrd to QtyExp
    • 2015-12-31 replacing this with PHP-generated SQL
    • 2016-03-02 Query no longer works; removing from database.


<mysql>CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW qryRstkItms_active AS SELECT

 SUM(IFNULL(rrq.QtyExp,rrq.QtyOrd)) AS QtyExp

FROM rstk_req_item AS rrq

 LEFT JOIN qryRstks_active AS rq ON rrq.ID_Restock=rq.ID

WHERE rq.ID IS NOT NULL GROUP BY rrq.ID_Restock, rrq.ID_Item;</mysql>