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  • Action: updates availability from current stock
  • Input: stk_items, stk_bins
  • Output: cat_items
  • History:
    • 2011-01-24 Corrected i.QtyInStock to i.QtyIn_Stk
    • 2012-02-06 Added "AND (sb.isEnabled)" condition (isEnabled flag is new)


<mysql>DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `Upd_CatItems_fr_StkItems_StkBins`; CREATE PROCEDURE Upd_CatItems_fr_StkItems_StkBins()

   UPDATE cat_items AS i LEFT JOIN (
           SUM(si.Qty) AS QtyInStock
        FROM stk_items AS si LEFT JOIN stk_bins AS sb ON si.ID_Bin=sb.ID
        WHERE (sb.isForSale) AND (sb.isEnabled) AND ISNULL(sb.WhenVoided) AND ISNULL(si.WhenRemoved)
        GROUP BY ID_Item
       ) AS sig ON i.ID=sig.ID_Item
        i.QtyIn_Stk = sig.QtyInStock,
        i.isForSale = i.isInPrint OR (sig.QtyInStock > 0);</mysql>