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  • Purpose: containers in which stock may be found
  • Refers to: stk_places
  • Referenced by: stk_lines
  • Fields:
    • WhenCreated can be NOT NULL if you don't have any legacy data to deal with.
    • isForShip eventually got added because I kept forgetting to use WhenVoided, and I finally decided that it wasn't redundant to have a flag specifically for this attribute. It has two meanings which may eventually need to be separated into separate fields:
      • A. FALSE = do not ship this item, even though we have it on site (why would this happen? not sure if needed)
      • B. FALSE = this bin is not physically accessible to the shipping department; items must be shipped by someone at that location or sent here to be shipped from this location. This meaning should actually be reflected by the Warehouse set in stk_places, but that's going to take a little thinking to implement that properly because it's hierarchical. Administrators operating at a given location should only be able to move items into (or out of) bins at that location. Right now, we just globally say that some bins are unreachable: not as good, but much easier to implement. Fix later.
    • isEnabled (DEPRECATED): TRUE = this bin is in a Place that is currently valid, usable, etc. FALSE = this bin should be treated as unshippable and unsellable even if isForShip and isForSale are marked TRUE
      • It looks like this was intended to be calculated from the status of the parent Place; possibly it should just be eliminated.


  • 2011-04-01 added WhenCounted field -- for some reason, I thought this field was already here, but obviously it needs to be so we can track which bins are due for inventorying
  • 2012-02-06 added isEnabled field
  • 2015-11-17 added WhenEdited field
  • 2017-03-24 deprecating isEnabled field
  • 2017-09-05 Changed MyISAM to InnoDB


<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `stk_bins`; CREATE TABLE `stk_bins` (

 `ID`           INT(11)     NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `ID_Place`     INT(11)     NOT NULL COMMENT 'stk_places.ID',
 `Code`     VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL COMMENT 'code name, e.g. NC01 -- must appear on outside of box',
 `Descr`    VARCHAR(63) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'brief summary of contents',
 `WhenCreated` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'date when container was added to the database',
 `WhenEdited`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'date when container record was last edited',
 `WhenVoided`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'date when container was destroyed or removed from usage',
 `WhenTainted` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "if NOT NULL, this bin needs re-inventorying",
 `WhenCounted` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "timestamp of when bin's contents were last inventoried",
 `isForSale` TINYINT(1) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "TRUE = this item is visible to customers as stock",
 `isForShip` TINYINT(1) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "TRUE = this item is available for filling orders",
 `isEnabled` TINYINT(1) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "DEPRECATED; do not use; will be removed soon",
 `Notes`           TEXT,

) ENGINE=InnoDB;</mysql>