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I set up a concrete5 site as a Weebly alternative for a client whose Bluehost-hosted Weebly site was on the fritz due to an "upgrade" that had so far taken nearly 2 months, but ran into issues trying to add the blog:


  • I had to create a sidebar-right template (I used the template icon which looks like it could have content on the left and a sidebar on the right)
    • post-facto update: I looked at the "Elemental" theme, clicked the "Templates" button on the same row, and got to a page which listed some stuff the theme needed to do, with a button at the bottom right which would do it. After clicking that button, new templates appeared including "Left Sidebar" and "Right Sidebar".
  • Under "Sets", there are now four types of Sets to which you can add; I chose "Collection" because that seemed closest to "Category".
  • When adding the Topic, I checked off only "Field available in advanced search." because that seemed closest to "Field available in Dashboard Page Search".
    • I also checked "[ ] Categories" because it wouldn't let me save without selecting a "Topic Default Parent Node", and that was the only one listed.


  • Modifying the default output settings didn't go as advertised. I had to create a new page to get the block palette to appear... but that doesn't seem to feed back into the output settings. Was stuck here for quite awhile...
    • Other people have had this problem too. Using a different computer didn't help. Switching to Chrome on an Android device didn't help.
    • The solution here worked, indirectly -- I gave "task permissions" to the admins group, and then the edit icon appeared, but only for Admin... and it keeps going away... but just re-saving the task permissions page seems to fix it long enough to get into edit mode. (This post from March, 2017 is closer to what I'm experiencing; no solutions offered as of 2017-05-10.)
    • (The above issue discussions were found by Googling for "concrete5 can't edit page type output" without quotes.)
  • It keeps saying "publish the page" after setting the output default, but I don't see any option for doing that. It looks like leaving the editor is sufficient.

At this point I was making progress and felt there was a good chance of success after a few more hours, but the client decided to migrate their site to instead because concrete5 was too complicated and not drag-and-drop enough.

So I've dropped this project, at least for now.