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Take 1


  • Created a virtual server for Mastodon ( using Virtualmin.
  • Used Git to clone Mastodon (repository clone URL) into a subfolder of public_html
    • Mastodon's files are now in /home/icmstdn/public_html/mastodon
  • Created file .env.production (it didn't already exist) and then took a look at .env.production.sample to see what needs to be set.

DB Engine

There doesn't seem to be any way to tell it which db engine to use -- but this looks like it could be a standard Ruby or Ruby on Rails config file -- so let's check my Redmine installation (which uses MySQL) to see if there are any clues...

Nope, no joy there.

Tentatively, Mastodon appears to be too tightly intertwined with Postgres to even attempt to use another dbe without a substantial rewrite (see this and the accompanying thread).

So I've set up a completely fresh virtual server with 2GB of RAM, and am following the instructions almost to the letter ("almost" because I prefer to do everything as root rather than having to type "sudo" over and over again... and also using "apt" instead of "apt-get" because the former is slightly more friendly).