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PHP file metadata access

PHP File fx()


Read Meta

bool condition-checks

  • is_dir() — Tells whether the filename is a directory
  • is_executable() — Tells whether the filename is executable
  • is_file() — Tells whether the filename is a regular file
  • is_link() — Tells whether the filename is a symbolic link
  • is_readable() — Tells whether a file exists and is readable
  • is_uploaded_file() — Tells whether the file was uploaded via HTTP POST
  • is_writable() — Tells whether the filename is writable
  • is_writeable() — Alias of is_writable

Write Meta

  • chgrp() — Changes file group
  • chmod() — Changes file mode
  • chown() — Changes file owner
  • clearstatcache() — Clears file status cache
  • disk_free_space() — Returns available space on filesystem or disk partition
  • disk_total_space() — Returns the total size of a filesystem or disk partition
  • lchgrp() — Changes group ownership of symlink
  • lchown() — Changes user ownership of symlink