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PHP-FPM is a process manager for PHP. It is useful as part of the interface between PHP and the web server software (WSS), especially when the WSS does not have an option to integrate directly with PHP.

Common Uses



  • User:Woozle/nginx: trying to repair a borked PHP-FPM installation
    • The connection chain seems to go like this: [web server] <=:FastCGI:=> [PHP-FPM] <=> [php]
    • You can problem-isolate by removing PHP-FPM from the chain: [web server] <=:FastCGI:=> [php-cgi]
      • If PHP still doesn't respond to web requests, you can see what the web server is sending by running this script.
        • FastCGI can connect via a UNIX pipe or a network port, but the above code is written for a port.