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  • Extension:AccessControl allows restricting access to specific pages based on internal groups or group lists from user space.
  • Extension:Approved Revs lets administrators mark a certain revision of a page as "approved". The approved revision is the one displayed when users view the page at its main URL.
  • Extension:External Data allows MediaWiki pages to retrieve, filter, and format structured data from one or more sources.
  • Extension:FlaggedRevs
  • Extension:Page Forms allows users to add, edit and query data using forms.
  • Extension:Page Schemas allows for defining all the schema information about a "class", or data type - for naming, display, data input, and browsing - within a single piece of XML contained within a category page.
  • Extension:PhpTags implements a simplified/sandboxed PHP syntax for scripting.
  • Extension:Widgets allows you to define raw HTML pages to be transcluded elsewhere.
  • future support for this extension is uncertain:
    • Extension:Variables allows you to define/redefine a variable on a page, use it later in that same page or transcluded templates.

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