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First Attempt

I was able to get as far as having the front page and other pages of the Hypertwiki to load from a different URL, utilizing a different directory and index.php file on the same server, but I was not able to get it to display nicely (i.e. with the proper stylesheet). Instead, it displayed in the format usually used for printing. I was unable to figure out why it was not displaying correctly; the correct stylesheet data appeared to be loading, the stylesheet's contents appeared correct, and the Page Info tool shows all the images. In order to get this far, the following changes were needed (some were only to change the wiki's home dir from /wiki to /):

  • modifications to localSettings.php -- several fairly obvious changes
  • one modification to includes/DefaultSettings.php: "$wgServer = '';"

I hate to give up when it seems so close... but I just don't have the time to come to a deeper understanding of MediaWiki at the moment.

Update: It seems very likely that the entire problem with my earlier attempt was that .htaccess needed to contain a line to tell Apache to deliver .css files as CSS rather than plaintext. Apparently many browsers (including FireFox) will ignore CSS if it isn't sent with the right mime type. --Woozle 15:04, 11 Jun 2005 (CDT)

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