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Leantime is open-source software for project management, written mostly in PHP and apparently using its own framework. It seems to have a fairly specific paradigm of what a project is, and attempts to guide the user through the process of creating and managing each project within that paradigm (as opposed to e.g. Redmine which provides a set of tools and options, and leaves it largely up to the user to decide which tools to use and how to use them).


  • /issues
  • Odd that there doesn't seem to be a repository.
  • Minor issue: somehow my login got scrambled during setup, and I couldn't log in for the first time.
    • Firefox's form-fill may have tried too aggressively to fill in the blanks? Leantime somehow set me up with a different email address than the one I meant to use.
    • Leantime demanded a phone number, which seems like bad practice.
  • Minor gripe: using email address for login, instead of letting you choose a username.
  • It refused to let me set my avatar at first, with no error message.
    • It turned out there were folders whose permissions needed to be set.
    • The instructions didn't say anything about making sure certain folders were writable.
  • Slightly more serious security issue: when adding a new user, there's no option to require the user to set their own password on first login; the admin has to enter one for them -- which of course they can change after logging in, but there's no way to force them to do this. (Redmine has an option for that, as well as an option to not set one at all require the user to set it on first login, with an auth link.)
  • There doesn't seem to be any place for wiki-like documentation or even free-form text documents.
  • Discussions:
    • Discussion threading only goes down one level, like Slack... and you can't reply to a reply at all.
    • Top level comments seem to be sorted newest-first, while replies are sorted (more intuitively) oldest-first. There are no obvious sorting options, and no visual cues to suggest that the two types of comment are handled differently.
  • For cloud storage, only supports Amazon S3. Amazon being evil, they really should support anything rclone supports.