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Deki Wiki is wiki server/web software for Linux and Windows XP. It is a fork of MediaWiki created by open source software company MindTouch. It uses PHP, Mono, and a few other things. Installation seems to require root access ("administrator" access in Windows), so it probably cannot be installed on a shared server without heavy assistance from the shared server admin.


Ubuntu 7.10

The official installation guide for Ubuntu 7.10 seems to be in error or perhaps just unclear on a couple of points.

The following are guesses, because I haven't actually been able to get Deki Wiki to run yet:

  • When configuring Apache, the line DocumentRoot "/opt/deki-hayes" should actually say DocumentRoot "/opt/deki-hayes/web", meaning that the document root should point to the "web/" folder within the Deki Wiki installation image, not the root of it. (This allows the initial wiki setup page -- the one where you give it all the basic settings for connecting to the database, name of the wiki, etc. -- to load properly.)
  • Trying to submit the web-install page without giving the MySQL root user does not seem to work; even with all privileges granted via mysql-admin, it still runs into a privilege it needs but doesn't have (there's probably a way to grant it via the command line mysql client, but I don't know what that is). (Can't remember the actual name of the privilege it said it needed; something like admin or root, but not either of those.)
  • /etc/init.d/dekihost restart does not seem to work, and gives no errors. Running web/bin/ seems to work fine, and restarts by default.

At this point, the installation appears to complete, but the main page can't load due to "Site settings could not be loaded" - "Your site settings could not be loaded. This is most likely the result of misconfiguration of your API (or your API's location)." But the next step in debugging (loading the API page) does work and doesn't give any of the errors listed -- so the troubleshooting guide is no help. The config table appears to be correctly populated.

It may be that deki wiki is having trouble connecting to the MySQL server, but I can't confirm that it is using the correct host/user/pass settings. The ones in LocalSettings.php are correct, but is it using those?