Central Park School for Children

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Central Park School for Children (CPSC) is a charter school within the Durham, NC public school system. They currently cover Pre-K through 5th grade. Their status as a charter school exempts them from many of the public school system's rules, and their approach to education is "child-centered" and more flexible than traditional-style schools within the system. Class sizes are also smaller. The main downside is that admission is by lottery, so it can be difficult to get in.


CPSC Student Sites


  • 2005-05-24 The Hypertwins: our experience at CPSC with Harena's youngest, Benjy, has been very positive since he switched to CPSC near the end of spring semester 2005. We continue to be impressed by the contrast between the public school's handling of Benjamin (who was officially diagnosed with ADHD shortly after joining CPSC) and CPSC's handling of him. (Updated 08-29; still current as of 2008-01-29)


Wish List

  • 2005-12-17
    • portable cd/tape players for the teachers
    • a VCR
    • an old IBM selectric or similiar typewriter for the business office.