CPSC Plans Announcement

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Central Park School for Children Plans Announcement (half-page notice sent home with kids 2006-01-09)


Happy New Year Central Park Families!

We are making plans about our work that we'd like to share. As a staff we have spent time reflecting on some school practices and looking at ways we can make learning more enriching. Here are a few of the practices we want to broaden to give students a stronger foundation.

  • Assemblies – To showcase more of what students are learning, and introduce routines and procedures for the whole school
  • Conflict-resolution groups – Teaching all children how to resolve differences verbally
  • Lunch Program – Open to all families (TBA)
  • School Newspaper – Students will produce, school-wide
  • Cross grade level projects such as peer buddies, book buddies and mentors
  • School-wide exhibits / Special enrichment projects – Science exhibits
  • Standardizing portfolios – Looking at what we include as assessment for each student
  • As a staff, we are committed to ongoing staff development on project-based learning, conflict resolution, developmental reading assessment and differential instruction.

We appreciate your patience and co-operation as we educate ourselves to better educate your children.

We appreciate all of your volunteer hours and constructive feedback to help us grow.