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AudioFerret is a client-server software system for managing audio files (it could also work with video files) for playback. It is intended to replicate the functions of an old-style distributed jukebox, where multiple locations could request songs which were then queued for play on the main "server" unit audible to everyone in the location, but without any unnecessary limitations (e.g. the old units could only host so many songs, and there was no way to view information about what was being played) and making the best use of now-available tools (e.g. wiki pages for more information).

This project is still under development; I have working clients written in MS Access 97 and Gambas, and a PHP client partly written; the audio server was originally written in Access 97 but I have now written one in Gambas which generally works better (although it needs some fixes and improvements).


  • /v1 - the first schema, with Albums and Artists in separate tables
  • /v2 - a redesign that is less stupid