American Tobacco Trail/south of I-40

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  • North: I-40 crossing
  • South: New Hill / Olive Chapel Road (terminus)


This stretch begins a block south of Southpoint Mall on Massey Chapel Road and continues unpaved for 13 more miles through the northeast corner of Chatham County (eventually to be paved) and into Wake County. It is effectively broken into 3 sections, however, by the absence of bridges at Northeast Creek and Panther Creek; both crossings currently have undecked railroad trestles which are in the process of being re-decked for ATT usage. (If I understand correctly, as of 2010 these are now complete and open.)

The trail's southbound terminus is currently (?) on New Hill / Olive Chapel Rd., 22 miles south of Durham. "A 20-mile multiuse trail" beginning at this point and continuing on south "is in early discussions. It would extend to Harris Lake County Park and on to Raven Rock State Park on the Cape Fear River. Its working name: ATT South", according to the map accompanying a 2007-08-02 article in The News & Observer (p.5E; online article is now behind a paywall, with no direct link; not available on


2007-ATT-3.png 2007-ATT-4.png