Southpoint Mall

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Southpoint Mall is a large two-floor shopping center located just off I-40 in Durham, NC. It largely replaced the somewhat smaller South Square Mall, which became vacant not long after Southpoint was completed and was subsequently demolished.

Southpoint has two main areas:

  • an outdoor "streets" section which seems modeled after a downtown pedestrian-only shopping district in a large American city (but with perhaps a dash of Walt Disney World's "Main Street USA"), with tall retail buildings which (in a real shopping district) would be topped by residential apartments and small business offices; these buildings, however, seem to be entirely dedicated to the retail establishments they house.
  • a regular two-story indoor mall with a food court

There is a large movie complex in the "streets" section.





  • 2006-11-03 Two People Shot By Police Officer Near Durham Mall: this wasn't as bad as the headline suggests. A couple ignored a policeman's orders to stop (they had been reported for forging a prescription), but they started driving off so the officer shot at one of them. The bullet went through him and got her too, but they both survived and were taken to the hospital. At worst, this looks like a non-violent crime that was mishandled. (Why didn't he shoot at the tires? Hopefully the investigation will find out.)
    anonymous user added: We found out that the information was false.
    Woozle adds: which information was false? How was it false? Can you provide any sources? What actually happened? (I am skeptical of this correction; it sounds like a weak attempt at PR damage control.)