American Tobacco Trail/I-40

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the bridge at night, showing newly-installed lighting



The crossing over I-40 was the major obstacle, for many years, to having a contiguous American Tobacco Trail, but the long-awaited pedestrian bridge was finally opened on 2014-02-20, connecting the south Durham stretch with the stretch south of I-40, itself completed in 2013.

The pedestrian bridge as well as the portions of trail connecting it northward to the former "temporary end" on NC 54 and southward to the far side of Massey Chapel Road are officially known as "Phase E" of the ATT.

  • /bridge: information about the pedestrian bridge
  • /alternate: other ways to get between sections

Phase E photos


  • 2011-01-07 ATT Phase E Update from the City of Durham: waiting for "Erosion Control Permit" (submitted 1/5) and North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources approval (submitted 1/3), with a 60-day approval cycle anticipated for both.
  • 2010-10-22 ATT Phase E Update from the City of Durham