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Overview is the IP address of a user who vandalized many MediaWiki wikis during the summer of 2008. Usernames he has logged in under include "Dash McWayne", "Dash McWarcraft", "Bob Saget", and a few extremely long names. Vandalism includes renaming pages to include the text "ENJOYING BRIAN PEPPERS DAY???" and similar, "TOURETTES GUY", "OH BOB SAGET" and similar, and comments about the subject of the page or the site in general (e.g. "SUCKS").

He has repeatedly vandalized most of the Hypertwin wikis, including HTYP, Issuepedia (English and French), VbzWiki, and HypertWiki. He has also vandalized other wikis, including English Wikipedia and Spanish Wikipedia.

Later efforts included inserting links to a shock-porn page (hosted at wiki.on.nimp.org, which appears to be a French server) containing a script which, among other things, moves the browser window when you move the mouse, making it very difficult to navigate away from the page.

He appears to be connecting to the Internet via the ISP rcn.net (RCN Corporation) from somewhere in Pennsylvania; a traceroute passes through the router ge0-1.eas-ubr11.atw-eas.pa.cable.rcn.net before it stops turning up host names.

Going from discussions on this page (Warning: page is full of shock porn; don't try scrolling to find content, just search the page for "issuepedia" or "barneybot"), he appears to be the user BarneyBot and is apparently considered a vandal by their sysops but has not been permanently banned.

All of the vandals commenting on that page appear to have been inspired by another vandal known as Grawp, who is known for attacks on Wikipedia.

Vandalism Logs

not a complete record

It's not clear if this is the same person as the Wikipedia user Dash McWayne, another vandal but with a somewhat different modus operandi.

A vandal with a very similar modus operandi attacked from the address