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In order to use JavaScript to control a web browser, you need to know about the Document Object Model (DOM) of that browser. Most modern browsers conform at least loosely to a standard DOM, but it is always a good idea to test the particular functions you are using in a variety of browsers. (Pre-packaged code is often written to automatically detect browser type/version and use the appropriate identifiers.)

  • Debugging tools: JSLint, <angular/>, JSTestDriver, jstest, SinonJS, IntelliJ IDEA (IDE)


As of 2006, FireFox's DOM appeared to have a couple of bugs which only show up in Linux:

  • Popup windows cannot be made to be "always on top" ( with parameter "dependent=1")
  • The onblur event is triggered by moving or resizing the window, as well as when the window loses focus

These bugs have probably been fixed in the intervening 6 years, but I haven't tested them since then.



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