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Wikispam, also known as "spam posts", is any kind of unsolicited advertising (spam) posted on a wiki page where such advertising violates the wiki's editorial policy (which it usually does).

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The wikispammers are getting weird. A series of posts last night on vbzwiki:

  • at the end of the FAQ page, the text "ABCD ABCD ABCD" by a user with IP address
  • one second later, a new page called "Credit cards" is created from the same IP address, containing only the text "All about the best credit card sites..."
  • two seconds after that, a user with IP address adds a link to the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
  • five seconds after that, the first user replaces the "ABCD" text on the FAQ page with an internal link displaying the words "Credit_cards" but linking to a non-existent page called "Best Credit Cards"

And that's all. The single outside link is a legitimate one which could certainly be posted here in HTYP on the Spain page (well, ok, I had to create that page, but the link certainly could have been left on the to be filed page).

But still... what's the purpose of this? Testing to see if I monitor changes? --Woozle 09:28, 24 January 2007 (EST)