unexplained phenomena

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This page is for information relating to unexplained phenomena, i.e. any observed or documented occurrences which do not seem to admit to any explanation using the laws of nature as we currently understand them. Any such occurrences which have been debunked or explained may also be recorded here, along with information about the explanation or debunking, in order to reduce duplication of effort.

search words: psychic, extrasensory, paranormal



  • 2007-08-27 Ghost lights that dance on Banni grasslands when it’s very dark by D V Maheshwari: '"The light, which is as bright as a mercury lamp, changes its colour to blue and sometimes red. It is like a moving ball of fire, which sometime stops or moves as fast as an arrow. On November 5, 2005 my team found these lights at seven places. We have shown this phenomenon to several experts including well-known American ornithologist Bill Clark. He was amazed and had no explanation," Tiwari said. He, however, said that he had not been able to capture this phenomenon on video or a film roll.'
  • 2007-05-05 Is this REALLY proof that man can see into the future?: discusses the work of Professor Dick Bierman, Dr. Dean Radin, possibly others