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concrete5 is free/open source software for managing content on a web site. It can be compared to Weebly, although pages are generated dynamically rather than statically.

This page is a seed article. You can help HTYP water it: make a request to expand a given page and/or donate to help give us more writing-hours!


How to:

  • center an image: two methods
  • publish latest changes:
    • click on pencil (top left)
    • click on "Publish Page" button
  • make a horizontal navigation (menu) bar:
    • hover over the sitewide navigation area
    • click on the drop-down description
    • select "add block"
    • in the palette that appears on the left, look under "navigation" and drag an "auto-nav" tool over to where you want it (I think... something like that)
    • ...and then there was a semi-obvious tweak to get it to be horizontal rather than vertical, but I found it by poking around in the tool's settings
  • add a blog to a site: this explains how, but I had difficulties.