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gLabels is utility software for printing labels. It is open source and runs under GNOME (in Linux and elsewhere).

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  • On Harena's Fedora Core 4 system, gLabels has gone into a state where text cannot be edited because the edit box on the right side of the window is hidden; it flickers briefly into existence and then hides. The larger box surrounding it tends to go away when clicked, and nothing seems to be able to bring it back without closing and restarting. --Woozle 14:00, 2 August 2006 (EDT)
    • This question is now answered in the gLabels FAQ; there's a work-around, and the bug is being fixed in the next version
  • Image transparency is ignored in printing (and in print preview). This is a known bug, apparently due to a bug in one of the GNOME libraries (libgnomeprint); there is a work-around, but it lowers the printing resolution to 72 dpi and requires recompiling gLabels from source. (Converting the transparent image to palette-based transparency does not fix the problem; I tried both a palette-based PNG and a GIF.)
  • For CD labels, it won't print the middle circle, which is sometimes useful to have printed. Blanking out the middle circle should be an option.


  • Where does gLabels keep its configuration settings? Can't find them anywhere.