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fusesmb, sometimes called "FuseSmb" or "SMB for Fuse", is a Linux program which mounts the local Samba workgroup in a single folder, essentially replicating the Microsoft Windows "Network Neighborhood" in a Linux environment.

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When the mount gets munged and refuses to divulge any information about itself ("ls -al" shows a lot of question marks, and you may get the message "Transport endpoint is not connected"), the only solution seems to be rebooting – unless setting up a new mount folder under a different name is acceptable.

  • You can't rmdir or chmod the folder, even as root
  • You can't umount it
  • You can't run fusesmb on it again
  • Killing the fusesmb process doesn't help
  • lsof refuses to divulge any information
  • lsmod doesn't show a "fuse" module, nor will modprobe install one