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computing: software: dnsmasq: options (summary)


This is a summary of options available for dnsmasq, as originally given by "dnsmasq --help". The options may be used either on the command line or within dnsmasq.conf; see dnsmasq manpage for more complete explanations.



Valid options are :

Abbr. option name brief option description
-a, --listen-address=ipaddr Specify local address(es) to listen on.
-A, --address=/domain/ipaddr Return ipaddr for all hosts in specified domains.
-b, --bogus-priv Fake reverse lookups for RFC 1918 private address ranges.
-B, --bogus-nxdomain=ipaddr Treat ipaddr as NXDOMAIN (defeats Verisign wildcard).
-c, --cache-size=cachesize Specify the size of the cache in entries (defaults to 150).
-C, --conf-file=path Specify configuration file (defaults to /etc/dnsmasq.conf).
-d, --no-daemon Do NOT fork into the background: run in debug mode.
-D, --domain-needed Do NOT forward queries with no domain part.
-e, --selfmx Return self-pointing MX records for local hosts.
-E, --expand-hosts Expand simple names in /etc/hosts with domain-suffix.
-f, --filterwin2k Don't forward spurious DNS requests from Windows hosts.
-F, --dhcp-range=ipaddr,ipaddr,time Enable DHCP in the range given with lease duration.
-g, --group=groupname Change to this group after startup (defaults to dip).
-G, --dhcp-host=<hostspec> Set address or hostname for a specified machine.
-h, --no-hosts Do NOT load /etc/hosts file.
-H, --addn-hosts=path Specify a hosts file to be read in addition to /etc/hosts.
-i, --interface=interface Specify interface(s) to listen on.
-I, --except-interface=int Specify interface(s) NOT to listen on.
-j, --dhcp-userclass=<id>,<class> Map DHCP user class to option set.
-J, --dhcp-ignore=<id> Don't do DHCP for hosts in option set.
-k, --keep-in-foreground Do NOT fork into the background, do NOT run in debug mode.
-K, --dhcp-authoritative Assume we are the only DHCP server on the local network.
-l, --dhcp-leasefile=path Specify where to store DHCP leases (defaults to /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases).
-L, --localmx Return MX records for local hosts.
-m, --mx-host=host_name,target,pref Specify an MX record.
-M, --dhcp-boot=<bootp opts> Specify BOOTP options to DHCP server.
-n, --no-poll Do NOT poll /etc/resolv.conf file, reload only on SIGHUP.
-N, --no-negcache Do NOT cache failed search results.
-o, --strict-order Use nameservers strictly in the order given in /etc/resolv.conf.
-O, --dhcp-option=<optspec> Set dnsmasq dhcp options extra options to be set to DHCP clients.
-p, --port=number Specify port to listen for DNS requests on (defaults to 53).
-P, --edns-packet-max=<size> Maximum supported UDP packet size for EDNS.0 (defaults to 1280).
-q, --log-queries Log queries.
-Q, --query-port=number Force the originating port for upstream queries.
-R, --no-resolv Do NOT read resolv.conf.
-r, --resolv-file=path Specify path to resolv.conf (defaults to /etc/resolv.conf).
-S, --server=/domain/ipaddr Specify address(es) of upstream servers with optional domains.
--local=/domain/ Never forward queries to specified domains.
-s, --domain=domain Specify the domain to be assigned in DHCP leases.
-t, --mx-target=host_name Specify default target in an MX record.
-T, --local-ttl=time Specify time-to-live in seconds for replies from /etc/hosts.
-u, --user=username Change to this user after startup. (defaults to nobody).
-U, --dhcp-vendorclass=<id>,<class> Map DHCP vendor class to option set.
-v, --version Display dnsmasq version and copyright information.
-V, --alias=addr,addr,mask Translate IPv4 addresses from upstream servers.
-W, --srv-host=name,target,... Specify a SRV record.
-w, --help Display this message.
-x, --pid-file=path Specify path of PID file. (defaults to /var/run/dnsmasq.pid).
-X, --dhcp-lease-max=number Specify maximum number of DHCP leases (defaults to 150).
-y, --localise-queries Answer DNS queries based on the interface a query was sent to.
-Y --txt-record=name,txt.... Specify TXT DNS record.
-z, --bind-interfaces Bind only to interfaces in use.
-Z, --read-ethers Read DHCP static host information from /etc/ethers.
-1, --enable-dbus Enable the DBus interface for setting upstream servers, etc.
-2, --no-dhcp-interface=interface Do not provide DHCP on this interface, only provide DNS.
-3, --bootp-dynamic Enable dynamic address allocation for bootp.
-4, --dhcp-mac=<id>,<mac address> Map MAC address (with wildcards) to option set.
-5, --no-ping Disable ICMP echo address checking in the DHCP server.
-6, --dhcp-script=path Script to run on DHCP lease creation and destruction.
-7, --conf-dir=path Read configuration from all the files in this directory.
-8, --log-facility=facilty Log to this syslog facility. (defaults to DAEMON)
-9, --leasefile-ro Read leases at startup, but never write the lease file.
-0, --dns-forward-max=<queries> Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries. (defaults to 150)