Wheels (Durham, NC)

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The sign to the "family" area entrance, with the skating rink sign just visible to the left

Wheels in Durham, NC is a recreational facility containing a roller-skating rink in one building and an indoor playcenter (one of those habitrail-esque things you sometimes find at fast food restaurants, only somewhat larger) in another. There are also some outdoor facilities.

As of 2006-09-25 or earlier, free wireless internet (provided by Clearwire) is available in the play-structure area (and possibly elsewhere). (Have not actually seen this in action, but there were certainly instructions on how to use it sitting in plain sight. --Woozle 09:37, 28 September 2006 (EDT))


As of 2006-09-20 or so (some of these were verbal, not written):

  • 2 hours of playtime $5.75; age 2 years and under $2.75.
  • Play structure use is limited to height 4'11" and under.
  • Parties – $89.95 includes:
    • up to 2 hours use of the space (presumably shared with other customers) – either in the play structure building or in the skating building
    • up to 10 guests
    • cake and drinks (pizza is extra, available from snack stand).
  • Free Skating all night Sundays (unverified)


Coming from I-85 (either direction): exit onto 70. Cheek Road is the first exit, on the right. The exit loops around to face north again; turn right (east) onto Cheek Road. Some maps will show Hoover as the first intersection after you cross back over 70; this is wrong. Go through the traffic lights (first intersection) and take the first right after that (Hoover Road). Wheels will be on the right, with signs as shown above.



Photos taken 2006-02-25

The exterior shots are more or less in order panning from left to right, starting from the south view along Hoover and ending with the north view.

P2250003 wheels signs and road.jpg P2250005 2006-02-25 wheels skating bldg exterior.jpg P2250004 wheels covered picnic area.jpg P2250002 wheels play family bldg exterior.jpg P2250001 wheels play area from entrance.jpg P2250008 2006-02-25 wheels playstructure - overview.jpg P2250006 2006-02-25 wheels playstructure with Zander.jpg P2250009 2006-02-25 wheels skateboarding enclosure.jpg P2250011 2006-02-25 Wheels parking lot.jpg