West Ellerbe Creek Trail

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Earth: United States: North Carolina: Durham: West Ellerbe Creek Trail



  • older:
  • completed 2018: from Westover Park (between Guess Road and Maryland Ave.), under I-85 and ending at Ellerbe Creek Trail on Stadium Drive
    • the tunnel under I-85 was built during the remodeling thereof prior to 2010
    • the design phase was complete by 2010-07-15, and the right-of-way along Ellerbe Creek northeast of this portion had been acquired, but no funding for construction was available
    • By the time construction funding was first available, the course of the stream had shifted so that the planned path route caused environmental issues and had to be re-planned.
    • A new route was designed, construction funding was obtained, and the section was open by 2018-03-04.


West Ellerbe Creek Trail is a bicycle/pedestrian trail in Durham, NC that currently runs from Perennial Drive (off Albany Street near the eastern edge of Hillandale Golf Course) through Indian Trail Park east-northeast along the western portion of Ellerbe Creek to Maryland Avenue (the western edge of the very small Westover Park).

A longer section continuing along the creek through Westover Park, across Guess Road, under I-85, and connecting with the main Ellerbe Creek Trail has been designed but not yet built. It will run through a tunnel under I-85 which was built during highway widening circa 2005. Right-of-way along the creek was donated in the 1990s by the shopping centers on its east side, but the creek shifted in the years before funding was available to build the trail. New water-quality rules are currently (2014) a barrier to construction.