Ellerbe Creek Trail

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The Ellerbe Creek Trail is a bike/pedestrian trail which runs along Ellerbe Creek and South Ellerbe Creek (following the Ellerbee Creek Greenway) in Durham, NC.

It runs north from the downtown section of the American Tobacco Trail at Trinity Avenue to approximately Whippoorwill Park. A connection to the east-west Eno River Trail is planned but not yet complete as of 2010.

It is part of the North-South Greenway, which in turn is part of the planned East Coast Greenway.

It will also be the northern terminus of the West Ellerbee Creek Trail when that has been completed.


  • A few sources spell "Ellerbe" as "Ellerbee", e.g. the map below. The derivation of the name is not currently known.
  • It's not clear whether "Ellerbe Creek Trail" should include the West Ellerbe Creek Trail, or whether it perhaps only refers to the section of trail that runs along "Ellerbe Creek" where the West and South forks have joined (the South Ellerbe Creek Trail would then be considered a separate entity). For now, HTYP has chosen to use "Ellerbe Creek Trail" to include both the South fork section and the combined section, but not West. Perhaps this should change when the West section finally connects to the main section, and the whole can be thought of as one trail system rather than two disconnected trails.
  • Also, it's beginning to look like the "American Tobacco Trail" is considered to have its northern terminus at Morehead Avenue, and the "downtown section" should be referred to as part of the North-South Trail.