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The invoice bulk-entry area lets you define the order in which the line-item columns should appear, so you can type them in almost exactly verbatim from the original document.

This is done using prefix-delimited strings (PDSs), since HTML text-entry controls do not support the use of the TAB character, and any other standard delimiter character (such as a comma) might be found within the text that you want to enter. Using PDSs lets you choose any delimiter character you like. The example below uses backslash ("\"), which generally seems to work well for invoice entry since it almost never appears on invoice detail listings.

The first line of the bulk-entry area lets you define the column order using the following column names:

  • QtyOrd - quantity ordered
  • QtySent - quantity sent
  • CatNo or Cat# - supplier's catalog #
  • Descr - supplier's description
  • CostPer - cost per item
  • CostTot - cost total (i.e. at quantity: QtySent x CostPer)
  • Style or Title - supplier's catalog # for the Title
  • Size - supplier's suffix for the Item (CatNo = Style+Size)
  • * - ignore this column

Example (partial):

\1\1\119433\US AND THEM LG\12\12
\1\1\119434\US AND THEM XL\12\12
\1\0\138332\HEARTBEAT WMNS MEDIUM\8.05\0.00
\2\0\138333\HEARTBEAT WMNS LARGE\8.05\0.00
\2\0\138334\HEARTBEAT WMNS EXTRA LARG\8.05\0.00
\1\0\118302\BREATHE MEDIUM\8.75\0.00
\2\0\118303\BREATHE LARGE\8.75\0.00

Style and Size are for Suppliers whose invoices only give Title-unique catalog #s, with added Size (or other option) codes afterwards: VbzCart will build an Item-unique pseudo-catalog-number for the Supplier by combining these two columns, allowing them to be entered more or less as-is.