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The "Needed Restocks" page calculates what items we need to restock and how many of each we need to request. Ideally, a restock request can be generated directly from here without any guesswork.

By default, the page displays a list of all items needed, regardless of supplier. In order to create a restock request, you have to select a supplier – that enables the controls for converting the need-list into a request.

Table Columns

  • customer orders columns
  • stock columns:
    • min - minimum quantity we want to keep in stock
    • got - how many we currently have in stock already
    • +need - calculated: how many we need in order to refill stock levels
  • restock columns
    • ord - quantity requested from supplier (summed across active requests only)
    • rcd - quantity received from supplier
    • -exp - calculated: quantity we are still expecting from the supplier